Editor’s Note November 2018

“Failure to protect the Delta will result in the loss of historic communities and will stifle local and regional economic growth and sustainability.” There you have it. A brief but powerful statement brought to you by the Delta Counties Coalition that comprises Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Contra Costa, and Yolo counties.

For many years political wrangling over the California Delta’s water has overshadowed what it actually is:  Bountiful. Beautiful. Recreational. A wildlife paradise. Food producer for the world. A real place where real people live, work, raise their families and play. Given that disjunction, we think it’s the right time to produce a magazine dedicated to stories and art that celebrate this unique place where tides meet streams.  A publication that accentuates the positive, to borrow a line from Johnny Mercer, not only within the legal boundaries of the Delta, but throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area that shares its ecosystem.

When I got the crazy notion of creating a magazine from scratch in a world where journalistic institutions are shrinking – and disappearing – I talked to a few people I know whose seasoned journalistic credentials are myriad and accomplished. Expecting a lot of raised eyebrows and retorts like you’re-gonna-do-what?, the reception to my idea was instead quite the opposite. They enthusiastically offered encouraging words and also agreed to perform their professional magic for our inaugural issue. They all share my sense of curiosity about California’s bestkept secret – the Delta and its nearest neighborhoods – and I can’t thank them enough for hopping on board.

About our name: SOUNDINGS is a noun, meaning “measurement of depth: a probe, test, or sampling of opinion or intention,” according to Merriam-Webster.

In this case, we’re not mapping the depth of our local waterways, but rather, the depth and breadth, rich history and current status of Northern California and Delta Region by listening to the voices of accomplished fiction and nonfiction writers, and looking at the region through the creative eyes of artists videographers and photographers.

Most traditional journalism outlets now devote little, if any space for the types of feature stories we will be exploring in this new digital magazine. We’re launching SOUNDINGS online because we believe in long-form journalism and we don’t want to be hampered by page limits. One more important difference: our stories will not be interrupted by traditional forms of advertising nor those annoying pop-up click bait distractions. Our success will depend on patrons and subscribers.

SOUNDINGS strives to share with you unique stories and art produced by master practitioners in an aesthetically pleasing format we think you’ll enjoy. Welcome to our first issue! This free PREMIER EDITION is an example of the kind of content you can expect to find at www.soundingsmag.net We’ll publish new content monthly. Writers, photographers, and artists in the Greater Bay Area and Delta, this is your invitation to pitch your work our way to be considered for publication.

Ways you can help SOUNDINGS:

  • Memberships start at $2/month, but you can pledge any amount you want.
  • Tell your friends about us. We are passionate about what we do and we are building an engaged audience but we need your help to to sustain the type of content you see in these pages. If you see something you think may interest others in your circles of travel, please share the links and tell folks they also welcome to join us.
  • Become a sponsor. We need the support of the business and nonprofit community as well as reader support to grow. If you are interested in underwriting SOUNDINGS, please email Rich Turner at rich@soundingsmag.net for opportunities.

We’d like to hear from readers, too, with whatever’s on your mind.  Feedback on our content? Ideas for stories? Writers, artists, or places to suggest? Please email us at info@soundingsmag.net.

We’re glad you stopped by our site, and hope you enjoyed the visit. And hey, we wouldn’t mind one bit if you told all your friends about SOUNDINGS.

Rich Turner

Editor, Publisher and Photographer

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