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Ohlone Park Mural by Jean La Marr, photo by John Storey

By Wednesday, “hump day’ to some, as the glorious weekend looms on the nearing horizon, most of us start thinking about what to do with those precious hours away from the grind. While I was checking my inbox this morning, still feeling like it’s Tuesday because of our holiday-shortened week, I found a note from Malcolm Margolin, telling me about an interesting upcoming event. 

With Malcolm’s permission I thought I would share it with you in time for you to make plans. Mark your calendars, you’ve just found an excellent excuse to spend a little time this Saturday in Berkeley!


11 am to 4 pm

Dear Rich,

I’m inviting you to a most remarkable event. Along with the Alliance for California Traditional Arts, Friends of Ohlone Park, Heyday Books, and others, we’re sponsoring a California Indian Arts & Culture Festival in Berkeley. We’ve invited some twenty of Native California’s most skilled and accomplished artists, boat builders, storytellers, basket weavers, bead makers, singers, and others.

Jennifer Bates

Carefully curated by Jennifer Bates (founding board chair of the California Indian Basket Weavers Association), it provides a rare occasion to experience a world of highly evolved skills and deep passions rooted in thousands of years of habitation in a place we’ve only begun to know. This is a world I’m sure you’ll find inspiring. It’s a personal honor to be hosting this. It’s free, open to the public, and family friendly. It would be a joy to see you there. Anyone can come, but if you can RSVP to we’ll know to expect you.

For more information, click this link.

Malcolm Margolin
California Institute for Community, Art, and Nature

Map and Directions:
Free parking is available at the North Berkeley Bart Station. Better yet, take Bart.

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  • Wow – talk about a name from the past. I did a story with reporter Pamela Young on Mr. Margolin’s book, The Ohlone Way, in 1978 while working at KQED. He gave me a signed copy which I love and still re-read.

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