8 1/2 Months

San Francisco’s morning fog is lifting as the Delta Dragons do warm-up exercises prior to running 300 meter sprint practices on Lake Merced. From “Fire on the Water” by Alex Breitler, photographs by Rich Turner, in our November, 2018 issue.

Editor’s note about Soundings Magazine 

8 1/2 months. Already? ! 

The title of this post refers to how long we’ve been publishing SoundingsMag. You might be wondering why I’m sending this message now, to which I’d answer, “Why not?”

Because we’re supported by readers like you and not empty clicks we can focus on doing well-researched work that you simply will not find in any other local publication. So if you’d like to up the quality while reducing the noise in your local online reading experience this might be a good time to become a Soundings Magazine member. Or persuade your friends/family/coworkers/neighbors if you’re already supporting us.

“Soundings’ coverage of Bay-Delta people and culture helps fill a critical gap. Aside from conflicts over water and wildlife, the Delta in particular is largely ignored by traditional media. It seems to me that Soundings is helping to define the Delta as a place, putting a face on a region that is forgotten or unknown to many Californians. It’s thrilling to see that happen.  –Alex Breitler, frequent SoundingsMag contributing writer.

Just as I was putting this together, another of our frequent contributors wrote this on a link to one of our stories that she shared on social media: 

“Sometimes something special comes along. In this case an online magazine that serves and explores the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, its beauty and people and (occasional) dangers. Please consider reading and supporting us. Editor, Rich Turner, is as passionate about his magazine as are the contributors. It is truly a work of love.”  –Cyndy Green, frequent contributing videographer, photographer, and writer. 

“Water Wars Continue” by Adrian Mendoza in our December, 2018 issue.

Indeed, we are a passionate bunch. It’s gratifying to see SoundingsMag steadily gaining a wider regional readership, due in no small part to the hard work of our dedicated contributors.

We aim to keep our content free and available to all who want to take the time to learn about the Delta and Greater Bay Area. However, someone wise once said that there’s no such thing as a free magazine. OK, I changed a word there, but you get the idea. If you believe in our mission, as little as $6 a month at https://soundingsmag.net/register/ can make a huge difference – the more members we have, the more quality journalism we can bring you. 

In this short 8 1/2 months we’ve published 62 stories by 25 authors and we’re only just beginning to explore the vast diversity and rich character of this journalistically under-served region. Give us a shot, we think you’ll like what we’re doing enough to become a member. 

Here are a few of our stories and videos: 

Give us a shot, we think you’ll like what we’re doing enough to become a member. 

Juanita and Gilberto ‘Gil’, Jr., her fifth born, in Shorty’s La Amisted Cafe. By Rich Turner in our March, 2019, issue.


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