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When Getting Lost is Highly Recommended   

Jeep in Barn, Autumn 2006.

It’s fun to turn off the better traveled roads and onto those of questionable quality going who-knows-where. Not only did I not know where this particular less-traveled road would lead, I actually forgot where this image was made when I was perusing my files a few years ago. 

Much to my delight and surprise I accidentally stumbled upon this same scene again a few months back when Joanna and I were out getting lost in the North Delta wine-grape growing areas. The Jeep was gone and the barn and surrounding grounds were in much better shape than thirteen years ago. Time has actually been a good thing because over the years this place has received better care. It was too tidy and lacked enough character to make for interesting pictures so the camera stayed in the bag this time. But I was glad I got lost out there back in 2006 and pleased to unintentionally solve the mystery of its location recently.

Now, off to find more seldom-traveled roads that lead to unknown destinations in the California Delta. 

I highly recommend it. 

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