California Flood Preparedness Week

Flooding can come at any time of year.  Be prepared.  Know the flood risks in your area.  Have an emergency evacuation kit ready and be prepared to take it when told to evacuate.  
The California Department of Water Resources, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and our own Michael Cockrell (retired Director of Emergency Services for San Joaquin County) have information and advice for you in this story.

The Authors

Michael Cockrell

Michael Cockrell’s public service career has included law enforcement, water conservation enforcement, and emergency management. After 35-years at San Joaquin County’s Office of Emergency Services (OES), he retired as Director in December 2017. His OES experience between 1982-2017 included a wide range of emergencies and disasters such as floods, earthquake recovery, mass-casualty incidents, train derailments, hazardous materials releases, droughts, extreme heat and cold events. His education includes Associate and Bachelor degrees in Social Science, concentrating in Administration of Justice, and, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. He has also completed many continued-education courses on administration and emergency management. 

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