2020 Mosquito Fish Programs

The five Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta counties enter mosquito season when mosquitos begin to appear in numbers during the early spring months. The season continues on through early autumn.

Each county has its own district (or in the case of Sacramento-Yolo counties a shared district) responsible for tracking and battling vectors. A vector is a biting insect or bug that transmits disease or parasites. Disease is spread when a mosquito bites a person or animal with a transmittable disease and then infects other people or animals when it bites them.

Mosquitos lay eggs in any available still water. Thousands of them. Their life cycle from egg to adult mosquito can range from as little as four days to four weeks. Mature female mosquitos (only the female bites) live about two to three weeks. But they always have replacements moving in…in huge numbers if each community does not take responsibility to help control them.

This year the Aedes aegypti, or Yellow Fever Mosquito, managed to live through the winter in San Joaquin County.  Endemic to our region is West Nile Virus which is spread by mosquitos.

Watch this video for more information. 

Producer:  Michael Cockrell

Camera/Editor:  Cyndy Green

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