Summer Sale – Fine Art Prints

For a limited time only, non-fading  prints on heavyweight fine art paper are available at reduced prices. They are listed below in overall sizes (Exact image sizes within the overall sizes vary based on their respective aspect ratios.)

Start your order by emailing Rich Turner at Please include the title(s) and size(s) of the image(s) you would like to purchase. Ask for a custom quote if you’re interested in larger sizes or other mediums such as metal, acrylic or canvas.

Prices include sales tax. Shipping cost is added to the listed prices. 

Special reduced prices below apply to only the sizes and medium listed and do not include matting or framing. 

Sales Prices Expire June 30, 2024

Non-fading archival pigment prints on semi-gloss heavyweight fine art paper.  

Small – 8.5″x 11″      $75  $60

Medium – 11″ x 14″     $130  $110

Large – 17″ x 22″      $195  $165

Email to get your order started. 

Sunup, Staten Island
Staten Island Silhouettes
Dancing Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Cranes, Mt. Diablo #1
Sandhill Cranes, Mt. Diablo #2
Sandhill Cranes Reflecting
Egret Takes Flight
Egret, Georgiana Slough
Egret, Bullfrog Landing
Black Necked Stilt, Shin Kee Reservoir
Sentinel Inbound
Outward Bound
Moonrise, Owl Harbor
Moonrise, San Joaquin River
Twitchell Island Poplars #1
Twitchell Island Poplars #2
Twitchell Island Poplars #3
Quietude, Venice Island
Medford Island Sundown
Sky Light, Monochrome
Terminous Motel, monochrome
Diablo Sun Beam
Pampas Grass Rays
Fall Reflections on a Rippling Pond
Passing Storm, Westgate Landing
Rivers Run Through It
Cosumnes River Sundown

Email to start your order. 

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  • Dammit I just can’t choose…there are four that call out to me. Guess I’ll have to make some difficult decisions.

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