Category: July 2021

Howard Lachtman

A Caribbean Caper

From the Files of the Delta Detective Agency Fiction- I It all began with a tropical island beachfront and a charming woman making a travel

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Adam Gottstein


A Rite of Passage For anyone who has ever fished, there was a first time, right? Someone with more experience (if they were enlisted to

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Rich Hanner

The Discovery, Part Two

As Fossils Are Revealed in the Foothills, So Are the Mysteries Second of Two Parts – Part One in Case You Missed It Russell Shapiro,

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Rich Hanner

The Discovery, Part One

How a Sharp-eyed Ranger Found a Wondrous Prehistoric Trove in the Foothills East of Lodi Part One The heat was building in the foothills east

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Michael Cockrell

Amateur (Ham) Radio Field Day

Testing Readiness for Emergencies On June 26-27, amateur or “ham” radio operators gathered around North America as well as in the East Bay-Delta areas to

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Mel Corren

On to France

Fifth in a Series The next week, after returning from Tidworth, where Sgt. Griffen and I had closed out Ordinance Depot, O641, we received orders

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