Editor's Notes

8 1/2 Months

Editor’s note about Soundings Magazine  8 1/2 months. Already? !  The title of this post refers to how long we’ve been publishing SoundingsMag. You might be wondering why I’m sending this message now, to which I’d answer, “Why not?” Because we’re supported by readers like you and not empty clicks we can focus on doing well-researched work that you simply will not find in any other local publication. So if you’d like to up the

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Editor’s Note November 2018

“Failure to protect the Delta will result in the loss of historic communities and will stifle local and regional economic growth and sustainability.” There you have it. A brief but powerful statement brought to you by the Delta Counties Coalition that comprises Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Contra Costa, and Yolo counties. For many years political wrangling over the California Delta’s water has overshadowed what it actually is:  Bountiful. Beautiful. Recreational. A wildlife paradise. Food producer

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