Category: November 2018

Rich Turner

The Night Shift

Fruit of the vine. Yum. I’m guilty of not really paying attention to what it takes to get a bottle of wine to my table. So I asked a prominent California Delta wine grape grower and vintner if I could tag along while they labored to bring in their crush-ready crop of pinot noir grapes. For several fall harvest seasons I’ve been wanting to chase the odd looking machines that trundle up and down rows of wine grapes in the California Delta starting in early evening. The Clarksburg area, just south of Sacramento, has a state-wide reputation, and beyond, for the quality and variety of grapes and wines produced there. It’s a part of the Delta that I wander from time to time and when I see these unusual machines on rolling stilts at dusk, headlights blazing, I’ve made mental notes to ask permission to ride along. Unfortunately mental notes aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. But this season I say to myself, if not now when?

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Alex Breitler

Fire on the Water

San Francisco’s morning fog is lifting as the Delta Dragons do warm-up exercises prior to running 300 meter sprint practices on Lake Merced. Whether they

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Howard Lachtman

A Perfect Day for Sailing

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Eric Best

The River Runs Through Us

Story and photographs by Eric Best It has been said by someone wise that you never step in the same river twice. Whatever you touch

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Laura Paull


Tugboat Engineer with an artist’s eye Zacate It might be mid-morning, when the sun finally breaks through the diffused glow of the San Francisco Bay

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Tule Fog in the Delta

The fog comes on little cat feet.  It sits looking over the harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. –Carl Sandburg It’s

2019 Lynn Hahn Lighted Boat Parade

The Lynn Hahn Lighted Boat Parade begins at Windmill Cove at 5pm and at about 6pm will be entering the Stockton Downtown Marina and Weber

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