Category: March 2020

Cyndy Green

Living in Isolation

Tips for Alleviating Cabin Fever The days are beginning to drag on in this grand social distancing /stay at home experiment (or Physical Distancing as

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Rich Turner

Moon Chasing

Time to Wonder – What If? Sometimes waiting for a good thing can allow a person time to think. To savor life’s under-appreciated magnificence. Reflect

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Cyndy Green

It’s the Neighborly Thing to Do

Shopping has become a battleground…sometimes civil and at times confrontational. Thankfully I have not encountered the latter in my town.  But what I have seen

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Phil Hutcheon

A Doctor Someday

First in his clan to come to college, First, in fact, to finish grade ten, At age twelve, Daniel followed his father one day Into fields

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Cyndy Green

Doing Good the Ding Dong Way

Ahhhhh…you’ve just shut the front door, stored away the bounty of your latest shopping trip. You have everything you need for an extended staycation, thanks

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Howard Lachtman

Closed for the Holidays

Part Three If you missed Part One Or Part Two When his office staff sent the Delta Detective off on a holiday cruise, they had

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Tule Fog in the Delta

The fog comes on little cat feet.  It sits looking over the harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. –Carl Sandburg It’s

2019 Lynn Hahn Lighted Boat Parade

The Lynn Hahn Lighted Boat Parade begins at Windmill Cove at 5pm and at about 6pm will be entering the Stockton Downtown Marina and Weber

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