Category: August 2019

Robert Campbell

Art from Salt

The Cargill Salt Ponds are located in San Francisco Bay in the cities of Newark, Redwood City and Napa. The Napa and Redwood City operations

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Howard Lachtman

Something Happened to Helen

Part 1 of 2 Introduction In the summertime, as the classic Gershwin song assures us, “the livin’ is easy.” Unless you happen to be a

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David Stuart

Tomatoes in the Delta, Part 1 of 2

Major Crop Expanded with Mechanical Harvesting Tomatoes have been grown in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region since the Gold Rush and the region continues to

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Rich Turner

Short Takes

When Getting Lost is Highly Recommended    It’s fun to turn off the better traveled roads and onto those of questionable quality going who-knows-where. Not

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Josie Iselin


New on Old and West goes East   There is something about mixing—fresh and salt, old and new, east and west—that keeps our souls keen. I

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