King Tides of 2020

Sun and moon align creating King Tides (perigean spring tides)

It is that time of year when the sun and moon align creating King Tides (perigean spring tides). But why now…why winter? What is different at this time of year that pulls massive amounts of water up and down the Delta?

The California Coastal Commission has gathered a list of events locally as well as statewide during the months of January and February which are meant to highlight and educate the public about King Tides and how they influence our lives.

Big Break Visitor Center in Oakley, CA.

Join us in this story to explore the science behind regular and King Tides at the Big Break Visitor Center in Oakley on January 11. Big Break has a wonderful interactive map of the Delta that allows children (including the big children) an opportunity to pour water into rivers to discover where water flows in the Delta.  You can walk down to the water and enjoy the views and learn more about the ecosystem inside the Visitor Center building.

To learn more about King Tides, visit these sites:

Watch Bay of Fundy King Tide –

Watch Port of Alaska King Tide –

Click here to see where the February Coastal Commission King Tide events will occur statewide –

Click here to view information on King Tides on the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration site –

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