Making Something from Nothing

In Historic Locke

Occasionally time freezes while the world moves on. What was the past begrudgingly ages into the present while always retaining its deep roots and nostalgic memories.

Historic Locke is one such place. Shuttered buildings. Narrow streets. Time and the passing of seasons has worn off the paint. On a quiet Saturday morning, few residents are out and the town seems dead. Behind this illusion is the reality of a vibrant and rich community. 

Artist Martha Esch is part of this community. She owns and operates the Locke Bed & Breakfast and Lockeport Grill and Fountain, but also is an accomplished artist with a deep and driving passion to share her love of both Locke and art.

Every first Friday and first Saturday, Esch hosts meet-ups to acquaint both locals and outsiders with the town and its environment.

First Fridays take participants on a walk-through downtown Locke and out into the nearby woods where they get a quick art lesson and paint a postcard view of nature.

On first Saturdays, the art class remains within the environs of Locke with a similar lesson and goal.

So, let’s all take a hike with Martha Esch and troupe through the streets and out into the countryside for a lesson in nature, art, and fellowship in this video story. 

If you’re interested if joining Martha Esch for one of her meet-ups, she can be reached at 916.776.1000.

Produced by Cyndy Green

Camera: Michael Cockrell and Cyndy Green

Editor: Cyndy Green 

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