Called Back to Bootcamp

"After 80 Years I'm Finally At Home!" -- Frank Wright

The heroes of yesterday are mostly gone.  Those men and women who answered the call of duty to service to protect our country in WWII.  They were remarkable people who forged into battle and then returned home, mostly to live quiet lives, raise families and who are now memories.

But, some of these heroes still live among us.

Ninety-seven year old Frank Wright is such a survivor, enlisting in the US Marine Corps a month after Pearl Harbor in 1942, and fighting across the Pacific Theater.

This is his story…how he was recalled to boot camp, eighty years after enlisting as sixteen year old recruit.

Producer/Camera, Michael Cockrell
Camera Assistant, James Krawczyk
Script/ Editor, Cyndy Green
Stockton Marine Corps Club
USS Anchorage
U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, California 

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